Reality TV good or bad????

“Bad boys Bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you” Cops was the first reality show that I remember. I still love the show cops! Nowadays reality TV is not reality. Most of it appears to be so scripted. For example Operation Repo, South Beach Tow, and Sothern Fried Stings all really seems fake and more for entertainment than reality. On the flip side I love Parking Wars, Flip This House, And Scared Straight are a few that I think are more real than others.  Then you have the shows that I think portray certain races of women in a bad way. For example Basketball Wives, Housewives Of Atlanta, And Mob Wives, I think further perpetuate stereotypes and are racially charged. On the shows with black women they are always angry and fussing and cussing and fighting. The Jersey Shore and Mob Wives also have the women fighting and cussing and acting un-lady like. However everyone wants to be on TV and reality TV gives people hope of being famous. When someone looks at the shows today they might think that it is possible for them to also get on TV. Personally I like the police reality shows because they seem to be live action, right on the spot, Shows like Manhunters Fugitive Task Force,  dallas Swat,  because I can see how cops operate and think about everyday people they arrest.Also I love when they tell the camera man to put the camera down while they are watching the criminal’s houses. Reality TV has allowed many American to witness the lives and struggles of other Americans around the world. I think that reality has certainly changed the entertainment industry and this is evident by how many networks carry reality shows which I believe it is just about every network on TV. That is one  sure way to determine the impact of reality shows and their popularity, because everyone is broadcasting g the shows.  Remember the 5 dollar foot long from Subway, now every major fast food place has a 5 dollar combo. Subway set the pace for affordable lunch in a tough economy and reality TV set the pace for entertainment in a world that needed to laugh and enjoy good television.

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