Which school is better, online or traditonal universities?

Many working adults are faced with juggling between work, school, and family on a daily basis. I personally am enduring this battle right now. So the question then becomes which institution of higher learning is better. I have attended both online school and the traditional university setting. I loved the personal interaction with the professors and other students. I learned more in the traditional university and I felt like it was more personal. Online school is very impersonal and can be challenging at times. It takes lots of discipline and lots of research. The classes online are quick and cover lots of information is a short period of time. Most of it is not retained, and there is no test or quizzes to take usually. I find this part pretty good as test stress most students out something terribly. I find that many students online are working adults and trying to advance themselves as they travel through life. The one perk to me about online school is the schedule. I can go to school at anytime I am able and I am not forced to go to a building every day. Also when I went to a traditional university I noticed that I often had to race home in order to be available for the kids, and if anything happened along the way I would be in trouble. The stress of that alone was too much, and is why I returned to online school because I needed control of my schedule.  Overall I think I learned more at the traditional school, but I sure like being able to go to school and earn a degree at my leisure and not being forced into a hectic schedule.

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